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Dr. Quantum is one of the most skilled digital consulting company for healthcare in Turkey. We worked on many projects in this industry. Explore Our Products!


Modern enterprises need to leverage technology to gain industry excellence. Dr. Quantum offers breakthrough technology solutions and consulting services to meet your business goals.

Health TourIsm

A growing number of people are opting to take advantage of what’s being dubbed as ‘health tourism’ – the process of leaving the country you live in to access medical services abroad.

IT ConsultIng

We look at your IT support services holistically, identifying improvement areas that will have the greatest impact on employee productivity, service levels and customer satisfaction.

Energy TransmIssIon

You spend your whole time to draw projects on ETLs and often miscalculate? With AI, our product Arazen completely fixes your problem. (Note that: for now, just Turkish supported.) Check it Out!

DIgItal MarketIng

We will work together to help define your digital strategy and guide you through the process of implementing your plan. There are no fixed retainers here and the aim is to work in a flexible way that suits your business and your budget.


The first role of us in this industry is to define the direction, experience, functionality & supporting services of either a new or existing online offering.


What is Telemedicine? It is the exchange of medical information from one site to another through electronic communications. We’ve just started a new project, Hospita, in this industry. Let’s say, Coming Soon!

SocIal & ProfessIonal NetworkIng

With it’s some specialized industries, Dr. Quantum aims to produce the world’s leading professional and social network infrastructures, such as Epinefra, when Industry 4.0 revolution brings personalized approaches to the new world.

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