More Healthy, More Social: Epinefra

Experience and Case Sharing Platform!

Epinefra is a social and professional networking platform for healthcare industry. Patients or experts, it’s for everyone now.


Newest Project: Hospita

Telemedicine & Free Appointment App

Hospita is for patients to solve their problems with online appointments-booking. (coming soon)

Health and Holiday: Health Group Turkey

Every Life Deserves Better Treatments!

Health Group Turkey is a medical tourism app for tourists thought to arrive Turkey for health and travel.

Mostly Cloudy Project Management Tools

Are you a clouder to manage your business?

Our cloud solutions gives you stronger control at your business anywhere and anytime. Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Patient Relationship Management (PRM), Human Resource Management (HRM), various Task Managers are a few of them. Just login to your account and begin to use! (will serve soon)

A Gaming Tube: Qavun TV

Specialized Video Sharing Platform for Gamers

Qavun TV is a video sharing platform for gamers. With high traffic ranks, it’s number one gaming video platform in Turkey now.

Cloudy Controlled Clinic & Hospital Management System

Your medical records are in cloudy safety

If you want to access your medical data and manage your clinic or hospital, you have to use a cloud based system. So you can manage your records whereever you want. (will serve soon)

You Say AI Drawing? Arazen

Smart Project Drawing of Energy Transmission Lines

The Arazen Software completely serves in Energy industry. It’s specialized for medium-tension transmission lines. (Please note: It’s Turkish supported for now.)

Very Dynamic Marketplace:

An online livestock marketplace is an online livestock marketplace that serve in Turkey. (Please note: It’s Turkish supported for now.)